12 June, 2023 by Dr. Hardik Parikh

Implantable Phakic Lens

Implantable Phakic Lens

Implantable Phakic Lens also known as ICL is a state of the art refractive solution for high myopia (minus number) or high hyperopia (plus number). It is more versatile than LASIK in a way where it can cover wide range of refractive error. Also in same cases it has more predictable and has better outcome than LASIK.

In ICL a biocompatible lens is placed in the eye which corrects refractive error of the patient. Procedure takes 15-20 mins, is no pain, no injection, no bandage procedure. It has quickrecovery, and no hospital stay is required.

Your eye specialist does thorough evaluation before ICL procedure and explains you its pros and cons. At Global eye clinic, Ghatkopar, Dr. Hardik is vast experience in implanting ICL with good outcomes.

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