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Have NO Spectacle Dependency Post Cataract Surgery

Have NO Spectacle Dependency Post Cataract Surgery

Jan 2020 was a special month. We had the privilege of serving our 3000th surgery in Cataract. The patient was a 63-year old gentleman from Andheri, Mumbai.

From what he shared, he had lived a great life. But, all of this changed with cataract. With cataract, his vision started becoming blurry. In his own words, at first he neglected it. He believed it would be a minor thing and he would still be able to see. But over the months, the vision started to deteriorate further and with that he had to severely compromise several things he enjoyed doing. Even something simple and basic like being able to see your loved ones with clarity.

That is when he chose to get the surgery done with us

He had several questions: Would the vision be cured completely? What would the entire process look like – start to end? How long will the surgery last? When will things go back to normal? and several more. Once we had addressed all these queries, he had one more question.

He asked “Will I need to wear any permanent glasses, even if it’s for reading (post-surgery). I don’t want that dependency. Is it possible?”

He had a very simple ask. He wanted to see and experience life the way he had in his early years without glasses. For the vast part of his life, he was socially active within his family and friends, loved to travel and was passionate about reading and watching movies. And he wanted to enjoy this without spectacles

As most of you would be aware, as per the standard IOL (Interocular Lenses) surgery procedure, patients are still required to wear glasses to see with clarity. So cataract was cured, but the vision wasn’t and patients were still unhappy. But not anymore.

With Multifocal IOL, an advanced lens is used to reduce dependency on glasses for far, intermediate and near sightedness. Over the years, Multifocal IOL has become the preferred approach for patients suffering with cataract as it aims to restore visual function and allow spectacle independence after their implantation with great levels of patient satisfaction.

Now we know what you might be thinking. “All this is fine but how did the patient feel and say, post-surgery?”

Here is what he said – “It’s like time has reversed itself. Life is beautiful, once again.” We do what we do, because we love creating these breakthrough moments of transition in our patient’s lives.

Many people have specific queries regarding their condition and we understand that. We are committed to addressing those queries. 

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