About Us

A few years ago, an MBBS student was exposed to the areas he could choose from. It hardly took him any time to realise that vision is of utmost importance to people and a major part of their life relies on it. An eye is one of those tiny parts of the body that play a major role.

While reading this text, there is an imaginary voice in your mind. It is pleasant and has its own charm. Imagine a situation where somebody else had to read it out for you. The voice suddenly loses its charm, doesn’t it? Small things like looking at your own palm, or staring at the blue sky, or may be the stars at night or, let’s say something bigger, like looking at the mirror, or the face of a loved one are joys that sight gifts.

But not everyone is fortunate enough to witness them. The realisation that these joys are real and may mean the world to someone dawned upon Dr. Hardik Parikh when he performed his first cataract surgery.

The patient was genuinely pleased to be able to see things around. It was this revival from a phase of complete darkness that led Dr. Hardik to realise that he could give someone their vision back. This was his calling, and since then, his life has been dedicated to improving people’s vision.

In his quest to enlighten the worlds of people with poor vision, he engendered an idea. The idea saw the light of action and hence, Global Eye specialist was founded.

After stepping into the clinic, one meets an astute clinician, a thorough listener and an efficient surgeon rolled into one person, Dr. Hardik Parikh. This calm and composed gentleman’s bedside manner generates a sense of belonging that envelops his patients. It is the amalgamation of these qualities that contribute to his forte, which is having an eye for your vision.