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What’s is the treatment?

Dry eyes are treated by your doctor choosing the right method on a case by case basis. The suitable procedure will depend on the cause and severity of dry eyes.

Your doctor will do a complete diagnosis on your eyes and your overall health. He will ask questions on your eye history, gene related eye issues and your medications. He will also measure the volume and quality of your tears. In addition, some patients will have to go through scanning tests of the eyes in order to find any abnormalities in the function of tear gland (meibomian gland)and the severity of its loss.

Various interventions are available to treat dry eyes and all of them depend on the root-cause and the severity.

Here we will discuss number of such Dry eye treatment. Your eye doctor might recommend you one or combination of different methods.

Till recently first and main treatment of dry eyes involved using lubricating drops, supplements of omega 3 fatty acids and some dietary changes. However the problem here was that lubricants had unpredictable outcome , use to work only for 3-4 hours after which symptoms returned requiring repeat use of drops . In some cases this cycle use to make patients dependent on eye drops. These measures are palliative and results are mostly unsatisfactory and short term.

However with advancement in dry eye treatment there is now introduction of new treatment modality that gives immediate and long term relief from dryness. This treatment is called Intense Regulated Pulse Light Therapy (IRPL). It is a OPD treatment involving stimulating the secretion of meibomian glands in natural way. It involves use of UV light to result in formation of natural lipid layer and hence retaining natural lubricant (tear film ) in the eye. There is marked reduction in dryness, grittiness, burning , redness and in severe cases it improves vison two. Main aim of IPLT is to have sustainable working of meibomian glands and achieve natural tear film retention.

Advantages of this technological solution of Dry eye :

  • Results appear quickly and relieve of most of symptoms is within few weeks.
  • Efficiency in 85 % cases.
  • Short treatment time and no recovery period. Each treatment session takes few minutes (usually less than 5 minutes for both eyes) There are usually 3 sessions required day 0, day 15 and day 45.
  • Day care non invasive procedure.
  • Nil recovery time . Patients can resume all routine life activities immediately.

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