Why Global

Global eye clinic is a NABH accredited eye care organisation, a mark of excellence in patient care and quality.

Our clinic is committed to make difference in eye care. One of its aces is a unique operation theatre which is of its kind in an eye centre. It’s a modular operation theatre with, AHU and HEPA filters making it ultra safe and hygienic. It is well equipped to carry out Microincision phacoemulsification with foldable IOL for cataract, Vitreoretinal surgeries, Glaucoma surgeries, squint surgeries, oculoplasty surgeries for ocular conditions and sutureless corneal transplant.

The equipment at global eye clinic is latest in its class. Most of the equipment are European in origin and give instant high resolution images. What benefits the patient is most of the evaluation can be done without dilatation. Conventionally all retinal examination needed dilated evaluation which makes the vision blur for 3 to 4 hours. However the Glaucoma and retina evaluation at global eye clinic (OCT, fundus photo) can be done without dilatation with equipment that gives precise, high resolution images and saves patient time. (somepatients may need dilatation and will be advised accordingly by the doctor)

The Team at Global Eye clinic in Ghatkopar believes that every eye matters.

Best Eye Clinic In Mumbai

With patient care at its core, expertise and experience as its pillars Global Eye Clinic ensures to deliver best eye care for all.

One On One Interaction

At Global Eye Clinic each and every patient gets enough chair time with the doctor. With counsellor or assistants to help we make sure that all patients are attended by the doctor.

Result Oriented

Global Eye Clinic with its state of the art equipment ensures optimum and consistent results for all. At Global Eye Clinic one of our aces is a modular operation theatre with, AHU and HEPA filters making it ultra safe and hygienic.

Strong Culture

With patient first attitude and staff trained in strong work ethics we have succeeded in retaining and expanding our patient based in short duration.

Cashless Facility

It is a facility where in the insurance provider will settle your bills directly with the hospital.



At Global Eye Clinic with our ability, passion and cutting edge technology we fulfil our promise of providing best eye care, because every eye matters.



Eliminate blindness through technology, knowledge and skill.