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One On One Interaction

At Global Eye Clinic each and every patient gets enough chair time with the doctor. With counsellor or assistants to help we make sure that all patients are attended by the doctor.

Result Oriented

Global Eye Clinic with its state of the art equipment ensures optimum and consistent results for all. At Global Eye Clinic one of our aces is a modular operation theatre with, AHU and HEPA filters making it ultra safe and hygienic.

Strong Culture

With patient first attitude and staff trained in strong work ethics we have succeeded in retaining and expanding our patient based in short duration.

Cashless Facility

It is a facility where in the insurance provider will settle your bills directly with the hospital.

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  • Hasssle free surgery experience, Quick Recovery

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  • The post op Phase is an important time of recovery

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Pre Consultation

Schedule your preconsultation phone call for personalized care with one of our Trained Optometrist.

Meet Dr Hardik Parikh

For your Methodological eye evaluation with Al Based diagnostic equipment.

Hasssle free surgery experience, Quick Recovery

After you reserve your surgery date, Dr. Hardik Parikh and his team will make sure you are well informed, prepared, and feel supported for your big day. Preparation is a very important part of your eye surgery journey.

The post op Phase is an important time of recovery

You can enjoy the improved quality of life that you deserve.

Read Our Patient Success Stories

  • Ormika Dubey

    IOL surgery

    Being a mbbs student it was one of the best decisions to choose global eye clinic for my IOL surgery but also because Dr Hardik has set a bench mark on what kind of a doctor i wish to become The ease of appointment, value for time, zero hassle, the staff training and the best quality machines and Dr.Hardik’s experience and care for patients makes it a complete package. Just take a look on how well the instructions are mentioned in the file, thats just a gist. No appreciation is ever enough for the experience i had at this hospital

  • Gayathri Iyer

    Cataract Surgery

    It was the right decision for choosing the best hospital for my father’s cataract surgery. It was my privilege to meet Dr. Hardik. Undoubtedly, a pleasant personality with such deep understanding and experience. The most efficient staff and team members that I have come across. Definitely recommend!

  • Gautam Vora

    Cataract Surgery

    As to have a second opinion, we had gone to see Dr. Hardik Parikh for my wife Jyoti’s cataract. We found the clinic excellent clean neat and hygienic, also quite spacious. The receptionist staff, who supported were quite friendly, helpful and easily approachable. Dr. Hardik Parikh is very caring n answered to all our queries regarding surgery which satisfied us. Assistant Doctor too was knowledgeable n courteous, explained orally and in print too. We are really happy with everyone n everything at Global Eye Clinic and recommend all who need attention for eye problems, to visit them. Clinic is JCI and NABH accredited, which is very prestigious. Thanks to Global Eye Clinic, Doctors and entire staff. Shashikant ( Gautam) n Jyoti Vora

  • Jignesh Ashar

    Lasik surgery

    Simply outstanding! The facility is superb and Dr. Parikh is not only supremely skilled in his area of expertise, but also puts the patient at complete ease before, during and after the surgery. He and his team (especially Ms. Nilofer) are prompt in responding to any query the patient/family may have and the entire team at Global Eye Clinic is extremely courteous and professional. My daughter got a Lasik surgery done there recently and we are thrilled with our choice. I am myself getting a trifocal lens correction done with Dr. Parikh very soon. Highly recommended!

  • Sandeep Joshi

    Cataract Surgery

    Dr. Parikh is a highly patient centric and caring Dr. and it reflects in the infrastructure and team he has built. His team of professionals is equally efficient and makes sure that patients and caregivers are comfortable during the visit. We got the cataract procedure done for my father and we are fully satisfied :). i highly recommend him and his center.

  • Dimple Vig

    Cataract Surgery

    We consulted Dr. Hardik Parikh for the cataract surgery of my mother’s eyes. The operation for both the eyes was successful. It’s been more than 4 months now, her eyes are totally fine and she can see properly with the lenses. The other doctors and staff at Global Eye Clinic are also polite and helpful. The clinic was extremely clean and hygienic. The whole procedure from the beginning was very smooth as Dr. Parikh is very calm, understanding, and explains the problem really well. We were explained how to use the eye drops, and all the smallest detail were given in writing. The patient’s file has the name of the eye drops along with the photograph for better understanding. Dr. Parikh was attending all the patients personally. We had a really positive experience. He was recommended to us by a friend and we would suggest the same to anyone looking for a good doctor.

  • Sheetal Shah

    Lasik Surgery

    Dr. Hardik Parikh and his team are a classic example of excellence. My experience of getting my lasik surgery done with them was so smooth and easy. Right from the beginning where he did my primary check up to walking me through the whole pre- operative knowledge of the surgery, he made sure all my doubts were answered and all my fears were addressed. The surgery was an easy walk after all the clear information. His team made sure I was comfortable and calm during and after the surgery. The post- operative care was par excellence too. I cannot thank him and his team enough for all that they have done. Thanks to them the world looks much brighter, better and defined without glasses. I would highly recommend people with glasses to consider LASIK for a better, clear and hassle free vision. The icing on the cake is there is no side effect. It’s all extremely safe and good. It’s like I’m see the world altogether in a different light. NO GLASSES.

  • Megha Panigrahi

    Lasik Surgery

    I got my LASIK surgery done recently by Dr. Hardik at Global eye clinic. The corneal topography tests were done followed by LASIK. I went for FEMTO LASIK as suggested by doctor as it was the most suitable one for me. Every procedure was well explained prior to the surgery. Dr. Hardik, Nilofer ma’am and all the other staff made this experience such a pleasant one. I thank them for being so patient and polite. I appreciate. Finally got rid of the glasses and lenses after years. I highly recommend Global eye clinic.

  • Siddharth Singh

    Lasik Surgery

    Got my LASIK surgery done at Global Eye Clinic and it was very smoothly handled. Dr. Hardik right from the beginning was very helpful and answered all my queries regarding the surgery. Even during the surgery Dr. Hardik handled it highly professionally as he helped me stay calm. Even the entire staff was very friendly and helpful right from the pre surgery tests to the post surgery precautions/ instructions. Really happy to have done my surgery at Global Eye Clinic, would highly recommend to anyone looking for any eye treatment.

  • Saloni Tolia

    Lasik Surgery

    Trust me when I say that Dr. Hardik is really the way out of the blurry world. I got my Lasik surgery done at Global Eye Clinic last month and I would highly recommend Dr. Hardik without a second thought. I was really sceptical because of all the myths around getting this surgery but he made sure that all my questions were answered with patience and I was comfortable throughout the surgery. He talked me through the whole process and conversed with me during the procedure. This really calmed me down and instilled more confidence in the decision to go for it.

  • Sushmita Mishra

    Lasik Surgery

    I had been using high power glasses from 7th standard. For more than 20 years, I was using specs. I was very skeptical about LASIK treatment. Hence, never tried to consult any specialist. One day I realised that I should get my LASIK done and get rid of thick lenses and all that everyday discomfort but, I had so many doubts. Then I came to know about Dr. Hardik Parikh and Global Eye Clinic. I went there, met Dr. Parikh and the staff, and got my eye scanning done. On day 1, after consulting Dr. Parikh, I got so confident and decided to get the surgery done. Without any hassle, my surgery happened. It was a great experience. The staff at the global eye clinic is extremely professional, polite and supportive. Dr. Hardik Parikh is one of the best eye surgeons. He is so confident, an expert in his domain and, a very humble human being. All credit goes to Dr. Parikh, who gave me that confidence and I could decide to undergo LASIK. One of my best decisions! Now I have a clear vision without glasses. I didn’t even remember how my normal vision was before I started using glasses. Neither I could imagine that I would be able to see clearly without glasses. And today, my life has become more beautiful as I am having that delightful experience of viewing this world with an unaided eye and having a clear vision. Goodbye to the lenses, specs and all that discomfort because of high power! Thank you Global Eye Clinic for rejuvenating my eyes!

  • Avinash SHARMA

    STENT Surgery

    I was suggested by my friend to visit Global Eye Clinic for my Glaucoma treatment and I am delighted to have an opportunity to express my gratitude and appreciation to Dr. Hardik Parikh and his staff for diligently caring for my eye problems. They are not only most professional, but always attentive to my needs and concerns. Dr. Hardik Parikh and his staff are eager to care for me as a hive of “busy bees”.

  • FAQ

    What is cataract ?

    Cataract involves clouding of clear lens which is usually and aging process and not a disease. With this clouding the patient experience blurry vision which goes on increasing.

    How do I know I have cataract ?

    People with Cataract have a few typical symptoms like blurry vision even with spectacles, intolerance to light, poor vision at night, etc.. Most definitive confirmation is given by your eye doctor with thorough examination.

    Is cataract surgery painful?

    No it is not painful. With advances in technology cataract surgery is very simple, minimally invasive surgery. There is no need for painful injection, no bandage and has very quick recovery.

    What precautions I have to take after surgery?

    Cataract surgery nowadays has very quick recovery. Full recovery takes only 2 days. Till then one has to avoid TV, computers, mobile phones. After 2 days one can have proper headbath, facewash, watch TV, use mobile phone and computer can travel in bus, train, car, plane.

    Do I have to wear dark glasses?

    No need for dark glasses. Doctor will provide you with plain white/tranparent protective glasses.

    What lens is best?

    In present scenario there are multiple options available in intraocular lens. And these option can be confusing. Your eye doctor will be best to understand and decide what suits you on basis of your eyes tests, your work and day to day requirements.