14 June, 2023 by Dr. Hardik Parikh

Dry Eyes : A silent pandemic affecting many

Dry Eyes : A silent pandemic affecting many

I work in a creative field and love my job, BUT…

It involves working and networking with a lot of people.

So I end up spending a lot of time on laptop and phone.

My parents feel am addicted to my phone but honestly it’s unavoidable.

It’s a job hazard.

It started giving me problems…in my eye

It began with the slight tired feeling in the eyes, which regretfully I ignored.

Later on, it gave me a burning sensation in my eyes and eventually led to redness.

I tried home remedies, some eye drops suggested by family & friends and even visited a few eye doctors.

But somehow the condition didn’t improve.

And then the condition worsened…

In fact, I started experiencing it with increasing frequency & intensity.

Apart from the physical pain, the unwanted questions & judgements at social and professional meetings were embarrassing as well.

I really wished there was a cure that would put a stop to all of this.

During this time, a friend recommended me to visit Dr. Hardik Parikh at the Global Eye Clinic

He had his mother treated for surgery at the same place and was very pleased with the outcome.

I wasn’t so optimistic as I had visited other eye doctors before with no outcome.

But I still wanted the cure. So I visited Global Eye Clinic.

Dr. Hardik really made the effort to understand and diagnose my problem…

He asked me the right questions.

Truly understood how it was impacting my life and most importantly made me understand the cause of this condition.

I had a lot of queries and he was patient enough to hear and clear those.

Then he recommended a procedure that would cure me in 1 week

He had treated several such cases before, successfully and explained the process in great detail.

I knew exactly what was going to happen & how.

We decided on the date and got the laser procedure done.

It was quick and painless, the part I loved the most.

In addition to that, he prescribed medication for the next 15 days, which I diligently followed.

And now…

It’s been 5 months since treatment and I haven’t had the redness or burning sensation yet.

For those of you who are suffering from similar problems, I have two suggestions:

  • Don’t make the mistake I did, in ignoring & trivialising my condition.
  • Visit Dr. Hardik to get your treatment. Save time, effort & pain.

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