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Lasik Testimonial of Ms. Nikita Gajra

Technological solution to dry eye : an advance treatment modality for immediate and long term relief from dry eyes

Global Eye Clinic is thrilled to help Mr. Alexander Wilhelm get rid of his glasses for distance & near by simple procedure called Refractive Lens Exchange.


I sometimes wear coloured lenses for shoots or occasions hence I'm not used to quickly wearing and removing these like regular people who wear lenses are. One of these times, while removing my lens, I busted my right eye so badly that it seemed ugly and very red. It seemed like a blood vessel had burst, and so I rushed to Dr Hardik who was my daughter's eye doctor. He assured me there was nothing to worry about, prescribed me 2 sets of drops to put in my eyes to decrease inflammation and rule out infection, and in a week's time, my right eye began to get back to normal. Thanks to his quick treatment, I was able to avoid serious damage or scarring to my eye.

Rachna Chhachhi, Nutritional Therapist, 46 years

Just before my 12th IB boards, my eyes started hurting and the vision blurred.I had to use my eyes and study, but they hurt so much! We went to Dr Hardik, who had been treating me for various eye issues, and he diagnosed it as corneal abrasions. This meant completely resting and patching my eyes, and I panicked. I had so much to do! But Dr Hardik was very patient and cool and sat and explained to me that if my cornea didn't heal, I would get into serious issues later. I had to just adhere to precautions prescribed by him and in a week's time, they would be fine. And sure enough, they were! It was his quiet confidence and reassurance that helped me more than the drops and medicines he prescribed.

Aradhna Chhachhi,19 years, 2nd year design student

I have known Dr Hardik for a few years now and I can tell you with confidence he is a very informed, skillful and patient friendly doctor. Apart from timely diagnosis, he also expresses his opinions on other aspects the patient may suffer from such as viral infection etc. I strongly recommend him for his wonderful nature and in depth knowledge.

Bhagat Makhija

Mr Paresh Shah under went phacoemulsification with toric intraocular IOL implantation under topical at Global Eye Clinic

Mr. Paresh Shah

Mrs Aruna Verma under went phacoemulsification with mono focal intraocular IOL implantation under topical at global Eye Clinic

Mrs Aruna Verma

Thanks for your kind co-operation, & your humanitarian help. You & your staff members are daily remembered in my morning 3am prayer. Sure you people will flourish with Lord's blessings. Give my regards to all your staff members, especially doctor FIRDOUSS.

Mrs Malliga

Dear Dr Hardik Greeting from Kenya I wish to thank you and your team for My Catract Surgery I was very pleased with the attention given to me by your staff who are very friendly I was very pleased to see the professional approach by them I was very impressed by the latest equipment your clinic has and the cleanliness of the entire environment On Dr Hardik I can only say he is a true professional yet the most humble person I have met My catract Surgery done in 15 minutes 10 minutes recovery And off I went wearing clear protective glasses Thank you once again Gurbachan Singh Kenya

Gurbachan Singh

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