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Give yourself the gift of CLEAR VISION with LASIK


Blog 04 Jan, 2017

Most of the patients who want LASIK are highly motivated to get rid of glasses. One of the most important thing to remember about LASIK is to reduce one’s dependence on spectacles.

LASIK is a LASER surgery to remove prescription glasses. LASIK needs stable refraction, age more than 18 years and a detailed check of eye. One of the things one needs to find out is if he/she is a suitable candidate. However patients not suitable have alternative like ICL.

Dr.Hardik performs PRK, Epi LASIK, LASIK, Custom LASIK and BladefreeLASIK . For best LASIK surgery outcomes Global eye clinic, Mumbai is equipped with state of the art evaluation equipment.

*LASIK and bladefree surgeries are performed by Dr. Hardik Parikh himself. Details about surgery will be given during consultation.

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